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Shepherd of the Hills August 2000
20th Anniversary
The wedding party in front of Uncle Matt's cabin-people came from all over the United States to celebrate the 20th Anniversary
(I can't tell a lie - actually it was a tour group)
The Wedding Party, 20 years later
Top Row: Upper left corner, John, upper right, Terry   Bottom Row, right side, Lila and Patricia
Others unwilling & unknown members of the wedding party
At The Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Theatre, Harold Bell Wright's epic story of love, loss, power, hardship, and the true meaning of life is immortalized every night on our star-lit stage. It takes over 80 actors and actresses, 40 horses, a flock of sheep, several guns and rifles, an actual burning log cabin, and a vintage 1908 DeWitt automobile to make the live action performance what it is - a legend.